Ball high school activity: presentation in parker elementary school by yunhao yang

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Ball High SchoolActivity: Presentation in Parker Elementary School
                                                                                                Yunhao Yang
Time: September21, 2015

Hold by: AsianCulture Club in Ball High School


        I took part in the school activity which was hold by Asian CultureClub in Ball High School. We made a presentation about the Moon Festival (Mid-autumnFestival).We introduced the culture and some stories to the students in Parker ElementarySchool.

        This is the first time Iwent to an elementary school to make a presentation. It was a challenge for me.I prepared for the PowerPoint of it and tried to make it seeme perfect. Behonest I really strove on the activity and spent some time practising. I alsohoped I could give them a good impression. On September 21, we finished thepresentation. To my surprise the pupils in Parker were really interested inChinese culture, I felt very happy about that.

         We followed our Chinese teacher Ms. Wang ,and went into theclassroom. After introduced ourselves, we showed some pictures of mooncakes andtold a story which related to the Moon Festival.

        After that we allocated themoon cakes which we brought to this school. That was an enjoyable experience.
It was a good chance for me to improve my English speaking skillsand I made a big progress on my personality.

Mid Autumn Festival PPT parker (revise)
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Ball high school activity: presentation in parker elementary school by yunhao yang
来源:2016-02-03 22:27:00




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